Technical & Environmental Information

Wood is by far the most environmentally friendly construction material. Not only is it a renewable resource, it is a recyclable one. This is vital if we are to preserve our resources and minimize our global environmental impact.

Council of Forest Industries

Forest Stewardship Council As an environmentally aware company I feel the origin of the timber and other products I use is very important. Therefore I ensure all timber used comes from sustainably managed forests and is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council or similar.

Through my suppliers, I am able to offer a choice of different timber species to suit your requirements and budget.


Commonly used Timbers

All timber used is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, PEFC or similar, which ensures that it originates from a sustainably managed forest.

European Redwood (pine species) is readily available and can be used for interior cupboard framework, doors, drawers etc. It's easy to finish and we find painted Redwood (particularly with pastel colours) goes beautifully alongside Oak or Elm

European and English Oak is always a favourite! A beautiful and durable timber, traditionally used for many applications. European Oak tends to be less knotty and much blonder than English Oak, which usually has more character and differing tones in the grain. We sometimes purchase and process a small amount of English Oak from local farmers or tree surgeons so we can offer products made locally with local wood! Always good to keep the wood miles down!

We also use Elm, Walnut, Western Red Cedar, Sapele, Douglas Fir....please get in touch to discuss the best timber most suited to your project!